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Come experience coffee and wine like you never have before.  Enjoy our relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and great selection of coffee, tea, pastries, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, beer, wine and fine spirits.



Wine classes are held monthly (most months).  We've named them "classes" instead of "tastings" because tasting the wine is only a part of the experience.  These classes are 90 (ninety) minutes of wine, location, historical and cultural education. With, of course, an option to purchase the selected wines at a very economical price-point.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter or check out the website/Facebook page for upcoming classes.  Each time, there are two sessions available (3:00 pm and 6:00 pm) with a limit of 12 attendees in each session.


Due to the limited seating, varying ticket price based on region, and supplies required for this event, tickets are non-refundable and do not roll to the next class.  However, if you cannot attend and we are able to resell the ticket we will provide a gift card for the ticket price which can be used on future classes or other purchases. 



We have a wonderful space for special events (birthday, showers, company functions, etc).  Let us know how many you expect and your budget, we can provide full package options (food, drinks, gratuity, setup and taxes).  Use the Contact US page or email us at




We are eternal optimists and truly believe that the glass is "half full".  When we were looking at naming our beverage store, "half full" just seemed like the perfect name.  No matter what size or shape of the glass, "half full" just fits.  Now, we have been told that some people would prefer a "full glass".  To that we say "Us Too".  But, not to worry, we can top you off whenever you need it. 




1402 Main Street looks out onto Lindsay Street and the back entrance has very convenient parking.


Our building is on the National Registry for Historic Places.  But, that doesn't mean as much to us as all the stories that people have about what was in our location before us.  


Before it was Half Full, it was an antiques store (Red Door Antiques) but most people know it as a former barber shop. Many times when we mention which storefront on Main Street is our location, people have a story about getting their hair cut.  We also know that before it was a barber shop it was a clothing store.  During the renovation we found signs for 'wash & wear robes' and label for dresses in the storage area.




We, Sean and Christy Pomeroy, opened Half Full Coffee and Wine in 2012, with a vision of creating a wine/coffee bar where people can come in, enjoy a wonderful beverage and connect with other members of the community.  We aren't from Newberry, SC; truth be told, we've been informed that even if our grandparents were born here we wouldn't be Newberrians. But, we have a strong sense of being welcomed into the community and we enjoy living in the city of friendly folks.  After 12 years of growth we have evolved from coffee to cafe so...Welcome to Half Full Cafe and Wine Bar!


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