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Our Journey to Newberry


Our journey to Newberry is an interesting, if little long, one. In 2006, we decided to move out of the Northern Virginia area in search for warmer weather and a smaller town.  To start our search, we traveled to South Carolina and spent a weekend driving around checking out little towns.  We wanted something quaint but not too small, that had a historic downtown which wasn't boarded up, but that still had some conveniences like Walmart and Lowes, it needed to be close to an interstate and we wanted to be close enough to do day trips to the mountains or the ocean.  At lunch time on a Saturday in September, we stumbled upon Newberry and knew almost immediately it was going to be a great fit.

Three interstate exits, a cute downtown area, many local restaurants, a nationally known Opera House, Lowes and Walmart for the 'need to haves' and not that far from Columbia or Greenville/Spartanburg for the 'would like to haves', and they have a local college with a football team.  What more could we ask for?


In 2007 we purchased some land in the country in the county of Newberry and in 2008 we built a little vacation home.  We made the trek down from Northern Virginia three times and then decided that we wanted to move permanently.  There is just something about being in the grocery store and a total stranger striking up a conversation in the friendliest manner. This was a community that we wanted to be in and to help grow.  We fixed up our house in Virginia, sold it in a week (someone was smiling down on us), and moved to Newberry in June of 2009. 


We had always dreamed of starting a local business so we started to look around Newberry and the surrounding area to see what might be a good fit for the area. We didn't want to force it and we were new to the area; so, we wanted to see what other people thought would be a good local business. We both enjoy coffee in the morning and wine in the evening so we thought it would be a great fit and the locals all agreed. In May of 2011, we purchased a building on Main Street and started to spec out the plans for the Coffee/Wine Bar.   Renovation and starting a business always takes longer than expected.  In February 2012 the new adventure became a reality and we were open for business.  


Come help us enjoy our life "Half Full".

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